Website Creation

Website Development & Design

We undertake the design and development of functional websites, made with high aesthetics for maximum usability. Following the latest web design techniques, such as Mobile First and Responsive Web Design, we create modern, functional, responsive websites, which are characterized by perfect functionality, speed, ease of navigation, as well as a unique design. We optimize and test our code, while creating unique custom designs from scratch, providing a memorable user experience. At the same time, we take into consideration factors such as SEO, by optimizing any website in search engines.

Effective E-shop Development and Design

Building an e-commerce site is a challenge for success for our team.
We create functional and user-friendly E-shops, which at the same time are friendly to use from the administrator perspective. Through our experience and expertise, we aim to create clean and functional E-shops, that will be designed and developed based on the latest technology trends, while generate traffic, leads and conversions.

Microsite Development and Design

Additionally, we are specialized in creating microsites for each specific occasion. Depending on your needs, a microsite can be either dynamic or static. In the second case, we use the latest static web development technologies such as Middleman and Jekyll. The benefits of a microsite vary since they are particularly good in improving any brand image. Microsites create a more friendly and interesting user approach, they are more targeted, interactive, they increase engagement as well as have measurable results. More specifically, a microsite can be:

A Click through landing page

An informative website which leads the user to subscribe to a service.

A Lead generation landing page

A website that aims to collect user information, usually through an offer of goods or services such as:

  • A coupon Discount
  • A contest participation
  • A free trial
  • A gift

Product Minisite

An one-page presentation of a product, which usually has graphic and interactive elements such as video, 3D graphics or a game.

Website Hosting through Pressground

Having many years of experience in web design and development, we have created our own Content Management System and Web Hosting service, Pressground, by concentrating on three key elements necessary for every website: Security, Speed and Updates.

By creating and hosting websites on our own CMS, Pressground, we ensure:

  • Flawless operation
  • Frequent updates
  • Website optimization regarding search engines and social networks
  • Excellent support of any kind of content
  • Mobile – Friendliness
  • Unparalleled speed
  • The cover of needs of modern businessmen and bloggers, with a plethora of add-ons
  • Security over server attacks
  • A user-friendly administration environment
  • Continuous support after delivery

Driven by your needs as well as the internet requirements, the Hardpixel team always works using the latest web technologies. Every website we deliver is unique, tailored to your needs and works flawlessly, as we are proud of our perfectionism.

Trust our team, create your website of your dreams and boost your sales!

Meet Pressground

Pressground is a fully-managed web service that helps users create a unique website. It’s not a common website builder, but a full-blown CMS.  Users can create a blog, sell physical or digital products, accept online reservations for rooms or services. With a large number of built-in Add-ons, users are able to manage multilingual content, share it on Social Media or via Newsletter, track their website traffic and much more. Pressground is a project in progress, and should be making its launch soon. Despite that there is already a number of websites hosted on Pressground during this private beta period. If you are interested in trying it’s features, feel free to contact us.

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