We never stop evolving. Since there is always room for more knowledge.

Our industry has faced some radical changes in the last few years. Technology standards have changed, various methodologies have been invented to help teams be more productive. More and more people become digital entrepreneurs. We always want to be the first to know about these changes. Don’t you?

Coding & Design training

We focus on the latest technology standards, programming languages, coding and design techniques and practices. Through a lot of practice we have created our own workflow, which is based on Open Source Software and Agile software development methodologies. We offer training sessions to people that want to enhance their skills in coding, design, teaching them how to use the tools and practices that have helped us.

Starting with the basics which are:

  • Introduction to Ubuntu OS
  • Becoming familiar with terminal applications
  • Adopting Agile practices

For Developers

  • Finding the right IDE
  • High level programming languages
  • Back-end Development Frameworks
  • Front-end Development Frameworks
  • Version Control Systems

For Designers

  • Introduction to vector graphics editor
  • The Mobile First Approach
  • Grids
  • Typography
  • Coding your own design

Digital product owners

Alright, so your digital product is completed, working like a charm and it’s time for you to manage it yourself. Our custom training sessions will give you all the information you need to take your product to the next level, know it from the inside-out and be able to pass that knowledge to others as well. We can also offer training sessions for your in-house team, so that all the people involved, share the same knowledge about what the software does, how it is used and managed.

Now that you met us and know what we do, you might want to see some of the projects we’ve completed.