Software Development

They say code is like poetry. We embrace that and strive for clean, working, tested code that looks ahead the future change.

Each individual software project has different needs, goals and audience. Clarifying those aspects leads us to making the right choice on what technologies should be used. Being agile, means that the client is part of the development process, and so the requirements are a result of multiple iterations. This helps us create fully functional software that is responding to changes in it’s functionality, has been tested thoroughly and delivered in short periods of time. We always keep in mind principles like KISS ( “Keep it simple, stupid” ) and DRY ( “Don’t repeat yourself” ), which constrain us from over complicating things and result to writing less but highly efficient code.

Native or Web?

Going native is a good option when you aim for speed and performance. We are experienced in working with some of the most advanced, high level programming languages such as Python, Ruby and Haskell. Using these languages we can produce powerful, fully featured, native desktop applications.

Web is the new trend, and many applications are moving towards it.

We have a strong background in web development and a deep knowledge of web development frameworks. We enjoy working with some of the best tools out there for server-side coding, such us Ruby on Rails, Django or PHP.

Front-end development

We like to produce rich, interactive interfaces, and so we are excited when clients want the same. We use technologies like Ember.js for small or large scale applications, CoffeeScript which is nothing more than JavaScript but is inspired by Ruby and allows us to write faster and cleaner code, Ajax, HTML5 which introduced many new elements for a more interactive web, SVG which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a way to embed interactive 2D graphics, WebGL and Canvas. We have replaced CSS with Sass, a Ruby inspired extension of CSS, which adds power and elegance to the basic language.

Yield Project Management

Yield is a new Open Source project management application built with Ruby on Rails. Our main goal is to create an all-in-one solution for teams and companies, including CRM functionality, Agile Project management, chat and meetings management, invoicing and much more. This is a large scale project and is currently under development. For those interested, please take a look and feel free to contribute in any way.

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Marv is a Ruby gem that makes WordPress Development an ease. It is a toolkit for bootstrapping and developing WordPress themes and plugins using Sass, LESS, and CoffeeScript. It lets users create, watch, link, build and package their project. Additionally, with Marv users can create and run multiple local development servers with WordPress installed. For an introduction and detailed usage instructions you can read this article.

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Now that you met us and know what we do, you might want to see some of the projects we’ve completed.