Digital Marketing

Having a Digital Social Media Marketing strategy will result in gaining traffic while increasing leads and conversions.

We produce Digital & Social Media strategies and campaigns that make your brand memorable and will take your business to the next level. The web is rapidly growing so you have to be prepared. Learn more about your audience and of course the competition.

Personas? What about them?

Guessing that everyone could be a user is a wrong approach. We have adopted the personas technique that helps us define the target audience, personalize it and understand the needs and habits of key people you want to reach.

Market Research and Competition Analysis

We perform market research along with competitor analysis to create information architecture and user flows, which eventually lead consumers to designated conversion points. We examine where, how and why your competitors are increasing conversions, what types of content boosts traffic, and how your competition’s personas align with your marketing strategy.

Social Media Strategy

Establishing your business on Social Media channels is a key element for success. We will work with you to establish the right social presence of your brand, by adopting the ideal Social Media strategy. Targeting your customers’ personas will help us identify the most appropriate Social Media channels and engagement levels to get their attention. We will take control of your Social Media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Vine or Snapchat, produce key content and create a detailed social calendar to ensure a focused and consistent approach that drives results.

Our objectives are:

  • The increase of visibility and Brand Awareness
  • Finding the right target audience
  • The increase of your Online Community Online (Followers, Fans, Pinners, etc)
  • The acquisition of Engaging Audience
  • The creation of Customer Loyalty
  • The increase in conversions, leads and overall sales.


We have gained important experience while executing multiple PPC campaigns through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. While setting up your advertisement campaign, we will examine mobile and desktop ads to ensure you’re targeting your audience wherever they are. Campaign tactics may include display/banner, search, Youtube, mobile, Linkedin and Facebook advertising. 

Monitoring and Reports

After setting up an advertising campaign, we monitor its progress, make observations and improvements. At the end of each campaign we will provide you with detailed reports about the campaign and its progress. This way we will be able to measure the campaign’s success and conversions.

Now that you met us and know what we do, you might want to see some of the projects we’ve completed.