Content Management

We will help you create your content-driven website.

Content management is a significant and collaborative process, which combines the creation of the content, the editing of it and finally the publication. Content refers to text, images, sound and video material. We have worked with various Content Management Systems and have a deep understanding of how the content should be created, managed and promoted.

We do not embrace a new trend that supports minimal content in a website. We believe that content is what the website should be built for. Actually, there is a page rank factor called Text to HMTL Ratio, which calculates the ratio of visible web page text versus the HTML code that is written to produce the web page. Ideally, that ratio should be between 25 to 75 percent. We achieve a good ratio by producing minimal, necessary and minified code, always avoiding the use of images for styling purposes and use CSS and by finally creating a good amount of visible text for the website.


We provide a copywriting service, we will write all the text documents for your website in several languages including English, Greek, French, German and Spanish. We always keep in mind that content should be SEO optimized and make the improvements and additions needed to create a good and SEO friendly text.

Photography and Video

Professional images and videos are eye catching, we all like them. They also make a website more pleasant and add value to the promoted content. Our photographer will take the best shots and create high quality image and video material that you will own and be able to use for any purpose.

Web Content Management

The right content needs the right Content Management System. Thanks to our experience in this field we have created a unique solution, called Pressground, which makes management of many types of content a very easy process. It is a web service that includes hosting, management, sharing, selling of the content and more.

Meet Pressground

Pressground is a fully-managed web service that helps users create a unique website. It’s not a common website builder, but a full-blown CMS.  Users can create a blog, sell physical or digital products, accept online reservations for rooms or services. With a large number of built-in Add-ons, users are able to manage multilingual content, share it on Social Media or via Newsletter, track their website traffic and much more. Pressground is a project in progress, and should be making its launch soon. Despite that there is already a number of websites hosted on Pressground during this private beta period. If you are interested in trying it’s features, feel free to contact us.

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