How Betalist helped us acquire more than 100 signups

All early stage startups dream about being featured on top tech websites like Techcrunch, with thousands of users interested in their products. However, the road to success and virality starts with a few simple steps. Our company’s first step was through the Betalist website and as it turned out, was quite successful.

What is Betalist?

Betalist is a place for early adopters; it showcases non-launched products, helping people to discover them and get access to the latest internet startups from around the world.

Startup Submission

Still being under development, our product, Pressground was in need of its first beta testers, but our landing page had barely a few visitors per day. We wanted to reach users on an international level, so that we can introduce them to Pressground’s interface and feautures. After an internet research we discovered betalist.
A few weeks after our FREE submission, on Saturday June 20, 2015 in particular, our product Pressground was featured on Betalist. We were notified with a tweet via the Betalist Twitter account and an email.


pressground on betalist

Betalist Results

Our landing page visits skyrocketed since day 1, from almost zero to 100+ unique visitors per day. Our signup list started to grow. In a few days, we were featured on betalist’s homepage as a trending startup with almost 250 retweets. Our feauture on betalist had an impact on Pressground’s facebook and twitter pages as well, given the fact that we hadn’t focused much on social media promotion for it.
As of this writing, our subscribers’ list has reached a number of 105 users. I admit some might find this number pretty small, but honestly it was a surprise for us, since we didn’t expect so much feedback in such a short notice.

2 Super Importart Tips!

  • Create a solid product description and make sure to address the problem your product solves!
  • Make sure to take a high quality snap of your user friendly landing page!

A big Thank you to everyone who signed up!

We look forward to engaging with you and we are grateful that you took the time to check Pressground out.
Last but not least, a big thanks to Marc Köhlbrugge for creating the BetaList.

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