Pressground, a supercharged WordPress based CMS

Yet another website builder? The opposite!

Creating and managing a website can become really tricky. Taking into consideration the plethora of services offered as well as the limitations appeared, it turns out to be a difficult decision. But in the end, all you need is a beautiful website that can convert leads into customers.

Pressground offers you a unique way to create and manage an alluring website either you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur or a company.

Wait… what?

Pressground is a fully managed web service, developed by the Hardpixel team, to meet the needs of modern website owners.


You’ve been surfing around the web, trying to find the perfect theme? Or googling the several issues of your WordPress site, trying to figure it out? Even got lost in the plugins’ directory? Or maybe want more custom features to cover your needs?

Pressground has got you covered. Adopting WordPress’ way of doing things and creating a unique environment where everything works flawlessly, maybe you would like to reconsider the time you spend trying to optimize your website.

Hm, it sounds good. But Why choose it?


One of our prime concerns is security. With that in mind, everything is backed up daily, and automatic upgrades are available for all Pressground features. No need to worry about losing your data.


Pressground is hosted on cloud servers and uses the Varnish cache system. This results in your website having incomparable speed and load time, making browsing a breeze.


All Pressground users are able to contact a specialist for questions or problems they may encounter, by submitting their request through the website’s administration environment.

OK. I am in. Let me know more about the process.

Create any website

Pressground administration interface is so simple and easy to use that you will not believe how easily you can create a complete user-friendly and elegant site.
With a plethora of Add-ons, Pressground allows you to easily manage any type of content, create Newsletter campaigns, and share your content on social networks.
With just a few clicks, you can create your own online store, accept reservations, online appointments and orders.
You can additionally add translations to your content, since it is one of the core and easiest Pressground features.

Become the content administrator

When users visit a website they want to quickly and easily find all the information they seek. If the content is organized methodically, it is certain they will have a pleasant experience. Pressground, in it’s effort to help you showcase your content, has created a number of predefined content types. You can easily choose the ones you wish to manage and present through your website. For each content type, Pressground gives you all the necessary custom fields. It also has fields which are common to all content types such as SEO (search engine optimization), categories and tags.

You choose the look of your website

Pressground has found ways to ensure elegant and meticulous work, creating a collection of themes, from which you can choose what fits the website you want to create. Each theme is unique and designed following the modern web standards and disciplines of functionality and aesthetics. Today, a lot of users use their mobile to surf the web. All themes are designed and implemented following the Mobile First technique. This ensures the best browsing experience for those connected to your site from a mobile device, since they are created starting from the smallest screen resolution to the larger resolutions such as a desktop screen or a Smart TV.

Monitor your website’s traffic

Learn more about your website, watching not only the visitors traffic, but also a range of additional information about your audience. Monitoring live statistics, you’ll learn about the country of origin, device, gender, age and preferences of your visitors. This gives you a better view of the best parts of your website, and a very useful guide to help you update your content when needed. Satisfying your audience, will make your website gain more and permanent guests.

Promote your content with ease

Pressground integrates the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, a series of Google products, but also services like Mandrill. This enables you to post your website’s content to social networks and share it via newsletter, in the most simple way. Though the administration interface, you can upload, create and edit contact lists as well as create, manage, and of course send newsletters to your contacts. After a campaign is sent, Pressground offers you detailed statistics about it.

Maximize your profits

With Pressground, you don’t just create a website. Knowing the needs of modern professionals, we created the most intuitive and flexible way to increase your profits.
You can accept online bookings and appointments for your website’s content, be it rooms, facilities, events or services, without the need and cost of an extra booking service. You can even create your own online store and receive online orders for physical or digital products, create special offers, coupons and prepaid gift cards.

Interested in becoming a pre-launch member? Contact us!

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