Google Algorithm updates in favor of mobile-friendly websites

Mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal

Google announced earlier this week, its major move towards a mobile friendly web. With a start on 21st of April, Google favors and takes into consideration the websites that additionally to all SEO factors are mobile friendly.

The problem

Considering the significant amount of people browsing and searching on Google through their smartphones, this move could really harm website owners, whose websites are not mobile friendly, since ranking plays a major role in the traffic and therefore the actual website conversions.

When is a website considered as mobile-friendly by Google?

There are a few key factors that help Google identify whether a website provides a unique mobile user-experience or not. Make sure that:

  • Your website content fits within the viewport of a small screen, in order to avoid horizontal scrolling.
  • The size of the fonts is legible, so the user won’t (and shouldn’t) try to zoom in/out.
  • The tap targets of the website have a size of at least 48 CSS pixels and are not too close to each other.
  • Your website doesn’t contain any flash objects or other plugins.
  • The time of your website’s loading is minimum.

If you are still uncertain about your website being mobile-friendly, try Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool.

What’s next?

By offering an easy-to-use mobile website, potential customers are encouraged to easily discover and actually interact more with it, eventually leading to conversions.

Considering the rate at which mobile search is expanding, it is clear that the e-commerce opportunity for businesses is enormous, so optimize your website now before you start missing traffic & conversions.


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