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Pressground aims to cover the needs of today’s websites, which should be mobile-friendly, optimized for Search engines and Social Media, fast and secure but also contain enough relevant content.

Modern websites have demands that WordPress cannot fulfill

The problem with WordPress is that it has limitations by design. It focuses on user friendliness, which makes it the best CMS for a non-techie user and that’s the reason we based Pressground on it. Regarding content though, you can only publish pages and posts. Extra functionality can only be added by installing many plugins but this can lead to issues like incompatibility, security leaks, a clustered admin interface and so on.

When we designed Pressground, we wanted to offer website owners a well tied and easy to use environment, containing everything they would need, without searching between thousands of plugins of unknown origin. A CMS, where everything included is meant to work perfectly, is tested and updated regularly by us. Owners do not have to deal or worry about such things.

Publish and feature your content

Pressground counts 31 add-ons that add custom content and special functionality, easily enabled through the Add-ons manager. Around 25 of them add content support, giving the user the option to publish Products, Services, Offers, Clients, Testimonials, Galleries, Presentations, Portfolios, Recipes, Locations, Rooms, Events, Polls, Press Releases, Downloads plus a few more types. And all of it can be published in more than one language, since Pressground offers built-in support for multilingual content.

Pressground Addons Screenshot

Drive your content to a higher level

Publishing content is your no.1 priority, but with Pressground there is more you can do with it. The remaining available Add-ons, integrate with content to unlock functionality like Orders, Bookings, Social Networks Autopost and last but not least, Newsletter campaign management.

All of these features have been been developed in order to help website owners create any kind of website, whether it’s corporate, commerce, portfolio or just a blog. Pressground focuses on becoming a tool that includes everything you need, from publishing and managing content to gaining from it, without much effort.

Stay tuned for our Pressground blog series with detailed explanations about the Add-ons included.

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