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As mentioned in a previous post, Pressground is a WordPress based CMS that aims to make website creation a lot easier. With 30+ Add-ons, you have access to amazing features like Newsletter Campaign management, Online Orders and Bookings, Social Networks Autoposting and more. But one of its key features is that you can easily choose what kinds of content your website contains, not more, not less. I’ve seen WordPress themes adding post types by default so many times, and the owners not making use of them. With Pressground content is not tied to the theme you choose, you can change it any time you like without worrying about losing content.

Content-driven, SEO ready, shareable websites

Pressground’s Content Add-ons’ list is large and some of the content types included are Services, Products, Rooms, Offers, Portfolios, Employees, Testimonials, Reviews, Events, Recipes, Presentations, Locations and many many more. All these can be activated with no effort, just by choosing what you want to promote through your website. Then, you can organize your content using categories and tags, make it multilingual, indexable by search engines or not, send it via newsletter or post it to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Describe your content using custom fields

When creating a new entry, no matter what the type is, you ‘ll have a number of content specific fields you can fill to describe it better. No need to write everything in the content editor. For example when creating a new product, you can easily add multiple prices, attributes, attachments or variations. And the same happens for every content type. These fields will then be displayed in your website and enhance your content’s presentation.

Forget about WordPress SEO plugins

Pressground has built-in SEO functionality, for every single entry you create. Whether it’s a post, a page, a service or even a category, you can easily add the title, the description and the keywords you like and instantly preview the changes you make. And there’s more…

Make use of microdata formats

Microdata is a way to help search engines and browsers understand what information the web page contains. After reading it, they use it to provide more relevant results to the user along with a richer browsing experience. Pressground websites support these structured data and give you the option to edit these characteristics. This way you get better positioning in search results and more chances of increasing visitors and conversions.

Open Graph data

Major Social networks like Facebook and Linkedin use the Open Graph protocol to transform web pages into rich objects, when shared using a URL. In order to improve your content’s shareability through social media, you can easily choose the information a user sees when sharing your content. This information includes among others the title, the description and image(s) displayed when your content is shared.

Twitter Cards

Twitter uses it’s own metadata and transforms the shared web page into a Twitter Card, which is really cool! Pressground has this covered as well and gives you the option to choose what will be displayed in the Card, title, description, author and image(s) and how the tweet will look like, for example whether it will have a large image or a gallery of images.

These features are built with the modern web needs in mind. To enable similar functionality in a WordPress website, you’d have to search through thousands of plugins and waste your time trying to find the best. Not to mention various website builders that will never offer content management solutions. With Pressground you will never waste your time, since everything you’ll ever need is there for you. That is why Pressground is the way to create a real website, based on solid foundations.

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