27 Free Twitter Tools for Small Businesses

27 Free Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter’s long presence as well as its dominance on the real-time interaction between a brand and the audience, has rendered it as a very powerful network for all types of businesses. Small businesses in particular, can benefit from its extensive use, thus reaching a bigger audience.
However, maintaining a Twitter business account can be money & time-consuming. Therefore, I compiled this list of FREE (Or Freemium) Tools and services to help small businesses get the most out of their Twitter Use. Since the list of great Twitter tools out there is quite big, I will try to cover a range of topics by additionally feature the tools I like and use.

Discover Users, Content & Trends

TweetDeck [Price: Free]
TweetDeck enables you to monitor multiple timelines in one easy interface. Additionally, you can schedule tweets to be posted in the future and search real-time content based on users, engagement or content-type.

Buzzsumo [Price: Free for Basic Use. Pro plans start at $79 per month]
With Buzzsumo you can analyze which content performs best for any topic or competitor. All you have to do is enter a keyword or domain and Buzzsumo discovers a number of Twitter shares from top influencers for you.

SocialBro [Price: Free for up to two Twitter accounts. Premium plans start at $13.95 per month]
SocialBro helps you identify your community & influencers, as well as find the optimal time to tweet.

Swayy [Price: Basic is free. Plans start at $9 per month]
Swayy is a tool to discover engaging content to share with your followers. It gives you relevant hashtags and real-time analytics, helping you identify the most effective content.

Paper.li [Price: Free. Pro with $9/mo]
With Paper.li you can create an instant e-newspaper based on keywords, find relevant and engaging content from top resources and share it with your followers via Twitter.

Topsy [Price: Free. Contact for premium analytics plan]
Topsy is a real-time Twitter search engine. You can find most relevant and recent tweets, social analytics and trends, based on keyword search.

Trends24 [Price: Free]
Trends24 enables you to monitor the latest Twitter trends on a global or local level within 24 hours. Top Twitter trends are additionally visualized on a world map.

Schedule Tweets

Hootsuite [Price: Free up to three profiles. Pro is $9.99 per month]
Hootsuite is a tool that helps you manage your online presence on over 35 social networks, including Twitter. With Hootsuite you can automatically post content at optimal time, target posts based on audience location, language and demographics.

Buffer [Price: Individual account is free. Business plans start at $50 per month for 5 team members]
Buffer is a social media management tool, which includes Twitter management. It lets you schedule tweets, find content to share, shorten your links and gives you access to expanded analytics.

Drumup.io [Price: Free for a limited period]
With Drumup.io you can add your Twitter account, find and schedule content based on keywords, as well as schedule custom posts on peak hours.

Identify Followers / Unfollowers

SocialRank [Price: Free]
SocialRank is a tool that helps you identify your followers on Twitter and Instagram. You can find your most valuable, most engaged, most followed followers or create custom lists to save for your social strategy.

ManageFlitter [Price: Basic account with limited daily unfollows is free. Premium plans start at $12 per month]
ManageFlitter enables you to manage and analyze your followers in bulk. It gives you the option of tracking followers & unfollowers and find new people to follow.

Unfollowers [Price: Free with limitations. Paid Plans start $6.90 per month]
With an easy-to-use interface, Unfollowers allows you to get a complete breakdown of those you follow and unfollow on Twitter & Instagram.

Twitter Analytics

Twitonomy [Price: Free]
Twitonomy provides insights on any user, mentions and retweets.

MyTopTweet [Price: Free]
With MyTopTweet you can analyze the top 10 tweets of any Twitter account. It searches for the past 3200 tweets sent by the account an then ranks the results by engagement.

Riffle [Price: Free]
Riffle provides Twitter analytics in real-time based on engagement, interest and activity, to boost interactivity.

Twazzup [Price: Free]
Twazzup helps you real-time monitor and analyze tweets, keywords, influencers, tweets by influencers, news alerts, and more.

Hashtags Optimization

Seen [Price: Free]
With Seen, you can optimize your hashtag strategy, by searching hashtags, create and share engaging social stories.

Hashtagify [Price: Free for 10 related hashtags and 6 top influencers. Premium plans start at $9.99 per month]
Hashtagify is a search engine tool for Twitter. It gives you the ability to find the best hashtags based on popularity, relationships, languages, influencers, and other metrics for a better audience reach.

Twitter Chats

TweetChat [Price: Free]
TweetChat is a Twitter chat platform that enables users to participate in real-time hashtag conversations.

Nurph [Price: Free]
Nurph is a Twitter tool that helps you create, plan and replay group chats.


IFTTT [Price: Free]
One of my favorite tools, the IFTTT recipe, helps you Save time, by setting a recipe, which will automatically do something, IF something else happens first. It works for a plethora of networks, including Twitter.


Mentionmapp [Price: Free]
Mentionmapp is a mention map that helps you identify your Twitter community through users and hashtags.


Tweriod [Price: Free. Premium reports start at $5]
With access to 1000 of your followers and by analyzing their last 200 tweets, Tweriod provides with insightful stasts with the optimal tweet time.


Vine [Price: Free]
A Twitter app that enables create fun, up to 6” looping video clips to share to multiple social networks. A must tool for Twitter users who want to spice up their marketing strategy with motion videos.


Periscope [Price: Free]
Twitter’s latest trend, Periscope, is another Twitter owned app for broadcasting live video from your mobile phone. Followers who can join your live broadcasting, comment, and send you hearts in real-time.

Meerkat [Price: Free]
Meerkat is a mobile app that enables users to do live video streaming over Twitter, by sending video to their Twitter followers.


Have you ever tried any of those tools? Feel free to add your feedback or recommendations on more Twitter tools in the comment section.

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  2. Wow, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the Twitter tools out there, but you’ve shown lots here that seem worth a look. Thanks for putting this list together!

  3. great list – I’ve used many Twitter tools and Tweriod isn’t one I’ve come across before so I’ll have to check it out. Another free Twitter stats tool worth checking out is socialbearing(dot)com – it has many features found in the tools above but different in the way it displays, filtiers and orders tweets and handles.

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